Useful Tips and Advice Transition

Below are some useful hints and tips gathered from other Parent Carers who have been through the Transition process with their child:

  • Do your research: Look at the different options that will be available to your child when they leave school. Visit the services to see what they offer, we have found that visiting with other parents is also very helpful.
  • Financial: When your child is 14 gather all documentation regarding Benefits into one place. Make sure that all reports/assessments etc clearly identify their needs so that there is no ‘grey’ areas.
  • Ensure you have detailed reports: It is very helpful to have reports that clearly state your child’s abilities and the support that is needed to achieve this, ie If they use a communication method such as PEC’s what level are they on, do they use pictures or symbols, how many pictures can they distinguish between etc
  • Life Learning: Ensure the services you look for is not just about ‘Care’ but about enriching and enabling your son and daughter to live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. Ask how they achieve this.
  • Working with Parents: How do services you see work with parents, how do you get feedback on what your son/daughter has been doing.
  • Training: Attend any training course that helps you understand the rights of your son/daughter and your rights as a Parent Carer.