Services for Young People


The Full of Life Centre for Young People offers a specialist service operating 6 days a week focusing on communication and personal development. We work closely with the young person, families and specialists to deliver the following aims:

  • To help prepare and guide young people through their transition into adult life, helping each person reach their full potential and gain maximum independence.
  • To develop each young person’s communication skills in order for them to be able to understand information and express their wants and needs.
  • To build confidence by promoting self-worth and encouraging self-awareness.
  • To help young people develop positive relationships and interactions with others within the service and the wider community.
  • To ensure that each young person has a purpose and is actively involved in the wider community and society as a whole.
  • To improve the overall wellbeing and happiness of each young person.

For more information about this service contact the service Manager Gill Fashola on 0208 969 9993 /