Family wins Fight to Secure Funding for Daughters Post 16 Education

Leeds City Council has accepted that it has a duty to fund a full five day post-16 education programme for PLP’s client, Francesca Adam-Smith.  Francesca’s mother, Rachel Adam-Smith, said “A reduction in Francesca’s education, at a critical stage of her life, would have limited her ability to reach her potential, isolated her from society and […]

Education secretary Damian Hinds attacks schools that ‘off-roll’ special needs pupils to improve league table rankings

The education secretary has spoken out against the practice of “off-rolling”, which sees schools exclude children with special educational needs through the back door – often in order to improve their league table position. Damian Hinds made the intervention after hearing what he said were “many stories” of schools using informal exclusions to get rid of pupils with […]

Coping with Dementia aged 11

Josh Cullip has dementia because of a genetic disease, which is known to affect about 500 people worldwide. The 11-year-old, from Milton Keynes, was diagnosed with Niemann-Pick type C when he was a few weeks old. Read More…

The watch that could help manage severe Autism

By measuring stress and anxiety levels, this wearable device could help us understand some of triggers which cause this for the individual, allowing people to respond proactively to help reduce this anxiety before it manifests itself into displays of self harm, aggression or withdrawal. This is vitally important as many people with autism are unable […]