Introduction to Adult Social care


To access social care support a needs assessment  will need to be requested and completed by social services. If an adult is identified as having care and support needs the Local Authority must provide a Care and Support plan outlining the services required to meet these.

Support could include:

  • Care in the home such as support with bathing, dressing etc
  • Care away from home such as short breaks (link to short breaks)
  • Housing such as residential placements or independent living accommodation
  • Adaptations to your own home
  • Information and Support to keep the person safe and well
  • Support for Carers

Individual’s and Carers who would like to buy their own care and support to meet their assessed needs can choose to receive Direct Payments. These are paid directly to the adult or to you as their Carer (if you are in control of their finances). This allows you to pay for the support you choose.


Once a person turns 18 years of age, their finances will be assessed to determine whether they can pay for or make a contribution towards the cost of their assessed social care services. This Financial Assessment will take into account any savings and income, including tax credits and some benefits that the person receives. It will also look at your outgoings and daily living costs.

As a parent your finances will not be taken into account during this assessment.

For further information on financial assessments contact 020 7361 2324 Michelle O’Mohony


The Care Act 2014 provides greater rights for Carers of adults over the age of 18. The Act explicitly states that Local Authorities must ‘promote the wellbeing of disabled adults and their carers’ with Carers needs being treated in the same way as the needs of adults with additional needs.

Carers will be offered an assessment if they ‘appear’ to have needs for support, even if they have not requested it. If the Local Authority does not inform you of your right to an assessment, in law, it would be seen as maladministration.  Even if the adult with additional needs is ineligible for care and support, their Carer could still be entitled to assessment.

The assessment should be person centered and look at the Carer’s wellbeing, any outcomes they’d like to achieve, whether they are willing and able to care for the disabled adult and whether they would like to access work, education or training.

From the assessment, if the Carer is deemed eligible, a support plan is put into place, which outlines how these needs will be met.

Luke Clements Guide ‘Carers and Their Rights’ is a fantastic resource to help you understand your rights as a carer.

Carers Personal Budgets (Carers Grant)

Following a Carers Assessment, provided by Social Services, a Carer of an adult over 18 years of age, may be awarded a Carers Personal Budget. This is a sum of Money which is provided by Adult Social Services to help pay for things which may help you in your caring role.

The payment will be paid in a lump sum to cover the 12 month period. The amount received will vary depending on your situation, but could be up to £600.  After 12 months your circumstances will be reviewed in line with your annual Carers Assessment.

Your personal budget is yours to use to pay for anything that will support you in your caring role and that has been agreed in your Carers’ support plan. This can include:

  • travel expenses
  • health and wellbeing activities such as exercise classes, gym membership, massages or complementary therapies
  • practical items such as a washing machine or a computer
  • a short holiday or respite break
  • driving lessons
  • course fees
  • support with housework
  • leisure classes to relieve stress.