Opticians are responsible for carrying out eye tests, to look for conditions and review the overall health of the eyes. Instead of going to an optician, your child might be able to have their eyes tested at the local eye hospital, depending on their age and need. Talk to your Optometrist, Optician, GP or Pediatrician if you have concerns and they can advise you about the most appropriate arrangement for an eye test.

 Seeability Opticians (16plus) (National)

SeeAbility is an organisation that supports adults who are visually impaired with multiple disabilities including learning, physical and mental health disabilities, acquired brain injuries and degenerative conditions, to explore their potential.

Opticians/Optometrists in the UK who have signed up to the SeeAbility campaign have made a promise to be accessible to people with Learning Disabilities, and you can find your local Optician/Optometrist via their online database.  All Opticians in Kensington and Chelsea have received training by Seeability to ensure their services are accessible for people with Learning Disabilities. To access the online database please Click here. It is recommended to have an eye test at least every 2 years, and these eye tests are available for free on the NHS if you have a Learning Disability.

For more information contact SeeAbility directly on 01372 755066.