Short Breaks Resource Allocation System and Supported Employment

Tracy Beard Bi Borough Head of Short Breaks and Resources -The RAS how it can enable you to access a wider range short breaks. Ian Jarman from Adult Services Integrated Commisioning Directorate will be discussing Supported Employment for people with Learning Disabilities. This is especially important if your son/daughter is currently accessing Adult Social Care […]

CAMHS Trailblazer Project and Sarah Crockford and Rosie Penford, University of Cambridge

Simon Brauner-Cave is leading the Implementation of ‘Trailblazer Project’, which will provide mental health support teams in schools and Rob Holman Head of Childrens and Mental Health Commissioning will explain the Trailblazer Project. This is important session for all children and young people and especially those on SEN Support within mainstream schools. Sarah Crockford and […]