Early Help Team

The Early Help Team is a multi-agency service incorporating professionals from Early Years, Family Support, School Attendance and Youth Support. The Early Help Team works with families who have children aged 0-19 years old, where there are indications of emerging difficulties and/or additional needs and offer a range of different interventions, including;

  • Parenting work
  • Sleep advisory support
  • Activity based programmes
  • Individual advice/support
  • Family health and well-being

The Early Help Team often support families who do not meet the threshold for social care as assessed by a needs assessment.

The team can be accessed via referral from a healthcare professional, social worker, education professional or by the family themselves.

For further information please contact:
Tel: 020 7598 4608 / 020 7598 4601 or email earlyhelp@rbkc.gov.uk