Continence and Wheelchair Services

Continence Service

The local Continence Services can see children if there are problems with toilet training or if a child has bladder or bowl malfunction. The Continence Team is based at St. Charles Centre for Health and Well-being in Kensington and Chelsea, and patients can be referred by self-referral, the G.P, district nurse, health visitor, social services and other healthcare professionals. For more information contact St Charles Centre for Health and Wellbeing on 020 8102 5056 .

Wheelchair Service

The wheelchair service provides Clinical Assessment for children and adults that require a Wheelchair (or buggy) for their Mobility and day to day living. The wheelchairs are prescribed based on individual needs to ensure they are the correct size, support the individual’s postural care and offer maximum independence.

Follow up Assessments are provided by the Wheelchair Assessment Service, to ensure people maintain their independence by having the correct postural support for their needs.

The service can be accessed via self-referral or by a referral made by Doctors, Health and Social Care Professionals.

For more information contact the AJM Healthcare on 0808 164 2040.