Speech and Language Therapy Service for Children and Young People (SALT) (0-19 years) 

Children’s Speech and Language Therapy Teams Assess, Diagnose, and provide Therapy for children and young people under the age of 19 with Speech, Language, Communication and/or Swallowing Problems. The team works across a range of settings including Nurseries, Clinics, Mainstream Schools, Specialist Units and Special Schools and work closely with Families, Teachers, Support Workers and other key members of staff across the settings they attend. For children with Speech Language and Communication Difficulties the service aims to support them to reach their full potential using whatever their level of ability and preferred communication method.

Children of school age who attend out of Borough schools should access this service through this placement.

This service is accessed via a referral from parents, GP’s, Health Visitors, Nursery Teachers and SENCO’s. For more information call the Speech and Language Therapy Service on 020 8846 7987.