Physiotherapy for Children and Young People (drop down)

In RBKC there are two PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy can help in the management and development of movement skills. Children may require physiotherapy for a range of different movement problems which may occur from a short-term condition e.g. following a fracture, or from a long-term illness or disability e.g. Cerebral Palsy. Physiotherapists use a range of approaches, including exercise programs, postural management equipment, bespoke orthotics, walking aids and other specialist equipment. services for children:

Child Development Physiotherapy Service (0-19 years)

The Child Development Service is a Multi-Disciplinary Team which provides community services for children and young people with Developmental Health Needs. 

The Physiotherapists in this team may support children with:

  • Delays in motor development
  • Movement disorders, including complex disability, neuromuscular disorders and acquired brain injury

Children’s Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Service (0-16 years)

The Children’s Physiotherapy Musculoskeletal Service is for babies, children and young people who require physiotherapy for:  

  • Acute soft tissue injuries e.g. muscle and ligament sprains
  • Rehabilitation following orthopaedic surgery e.g. fractures
  • Long term joint and muscle pain e.g. low back pain, anterior knee pain

Physiotherapists from these teams work in partnership with parents and carers, ensuring that they receive advice, intervention and support to enable their child’s movement potential.

Referral to the services can be made via your GP, Health Visitor or Hospital Consultant.

For more information please contact:

0203 312 6281 (if your GP is located in the north of the Borough)

020 331 58667  (if your GP is located in the south of the Borough)

The locations of these services vary depending on the location of your GP.