Dental services

Regular Dental Checks are essential for gum and teeth health, however attending these appointments with children and adults with additional needs can sometimes be challenging. Below are a list of Specialist Services which your child can be referred to if they are unable to be supported in a non-specialist Dental Surgery.

Colville Health Centre (0+) 

The Colville Health Centre has links with the Paediatric Dentistry Department at Chelsea Westminster Hospital for dental treatment under General Analgesia.

You can be referred into the service by Specialist Practitioners, GPs, General Dental Practitioners Health Visitors, Community Nurses, School Nurses, Social workers and your schools SENCO. This service is also wheelchair accessible.

To contact Colville Health Centre:  Telephone:  020 7221 2650

Special Care Dental Service, Violet Melchett Clinic (0+) 

All the staff employed are highly experienced in delivering all aspects of Dental Care to special needs patients and those referred to their specialised services. Patients can be referred by their Dentist, GP and other Healthcare Professionals, self-referrals may also be considered.

To contact Violet Melchett Clinic:  Telephone: 020 7349 2821

 Dental Clinic, St Charles Hospital (18+) (drop down)

The service is available for adults with disabilities. The staff are fantastic, and take their time. They have practical expertise working with disabled adults who have complex needs or who are very anxious. This service helps to keep teeth and gums healthy, hopefully preventing hospital admissions for extractions and fillings. It can also allow adults with complex needs to become confident in accessing a dentistry service.

To access this service you must be referred by your Dentist or GP.

To contact the Dental Clinic at St Charles: Telephone: 0208 962 4471.