Children and Young Peoples Occupational Therapy (0-19 years)

Occupational Therapists assess and treat children who have difficulties that affect their ability to do every day physical activities. Occupational Therapists support children to access and participate in a range of daily occupations which are meaningful to them. Children may require input for:

  • Positioning and posture to support participation in everyday activities
  • Developing the skills needed to participate in self-care tasks (e.g. tooth brushing,  toileting, washing, dressing, eating) 
  • Personal organisation and managing transitions between activities or environments
  • Participating in learning tasks - e.g. writing, using scissors, selecting and organising tools/belongings
  • Accessing play/ leisure resources at home, school or the wider community
  • Physical access to places and spaces at home, school, and the wider community. This may include supporting a child with gross motor coordination difficulties
  • Upper Limb management for children and young people with neurological conditions (e.g. Cerebral palsy)

Children are supported through individual or group sessions in clinic, school/nursery, or home. The service also provide education sessions to parents.

To access this service your child will need to be referred by a professional involved with their care. For more information call 0207 266 8606