The fabulous Sensory Spectacle will be attending to provide part one of their training programme 'Feel It', for parents and carers. Sensory Spectacle are an organisation who create immersive learning experiences to educate about and form a better awareness of Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).

In this session they will look at:

  • how the senses work and some friendly neurology so we fully understand SPD

  • what sensory integration is and why it is important to our development as children and adults

  • a personal insight into SPD with our installations which will help you to empathise and personalise the support you provide

  • how to identify characteristics of SPD

  • how to recognise over-riding sensory needs so you can immediately support someone with SPD

  • practical tips and suggestions to support people with SPD and to make reasonable adjustments in environments so they are easier to cope with.


Part two of their training 'Do IT!' will take place on the 27th March.