A Huge Thank you to everyone who donated to this appeal, we are pleased to announced that due to all of your kind support we have secured a year of Music Therapy for the young people who attend the Full of life Centre. 

Music therapy provides a means of self-expression and communication for young people who are unable or find it difficult to communicate through words. This creative intervention is used to target individualised goals based on the physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of a person.

Through creating, moving and listening to music within these therapeutic one to one sessions young people have build on skills such as listening, turn taking and motor co-ordination which are then transferred to other areas of their lives.

It costs £5000 annually to fund weekly one to one music therapy sessions for 5 young people with complex needs. This includes objective setting, planning and reviewing sessions and goals. With no statutory funding for this we rely on donations to continue providing these extremely powerful therapeutic sessions. Every donation helps make this possible.

For more information on Music therapy click here