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SEN Help And Information

Full of Life’s Independent Advice and Support Service (I.A.S.S) (0-25 RBKC)

If your child has a disability or any other special educational needs, The Independent Advice and Support Service (formally The Parent Partnership Service) can help. The service offers independent advice and information about all issues relating Special Educational Needs. The service informs parents about their rights and the rights of their child under Education Law.


The Independent Advice and Support Service also offers practical help and support with the following:

  • Helping parents understand the Education, Health and Social Care (EHC) planning/assessment process for Special Educational Needs.
  • Helping parents understand the Annual Review process.
  • Supporting parents to represent their views at meetings, via letters or forms.
  • Filling in forms and replying to letters if parents are unable to.
  • Requesting information on your child’s special educational needs.
  • Helping parents to understand the system for supporting your child’s special educational needs.
  • Where there are disagreements, The Independent Advice and Support Service can provide advice and help to get your views across.
  • Able to provide advice around SEN tribunals, but cannot act as a representative.



Independent Advice and Support Service (I.A.S.S) (0-16) - Allison Ambrogi
Full of Life,

Kensal House Annex,

379 Ladbroke Grove,

London W10 5BQ.
Tel: 0208 960 9064 / Email: sen@fulloflifekc.com


Carer’s Advocacy for Parents/Carers of Young People (16-25) – Samantha Peters

Tel 0208 962 9917 / Email: advocacy@fulloflifekc.com


Full of Life’s Independent Support Service (I.S.S)

Full of Life’s I.S.S service offers specific support for parents of children and young people who are requesting or are transferring from Statements or Learning Disability Assessments to Education, Health and Social Care Plans (E.H.C).

This service will refer to the Independent Advice and Support Service (I.A.S.S) for more complex issues in relation to Special Educational Needs.

This service is for parents of disabled children and young people (0-25) with Special Educational Needs.

For more information about this service, please contact Full of Life directly on 0208 962 9994 / info@fulloflifekc.com

Portage (0 – 2) RBKC, LBHF, WCC

Portage is a home learning service for parents and carers of very young children with additional needs and disabilities. Portage works to build upon the child’s existing abilities and to foster development across the curriculum. Learning usually takes place at home, using games and activities to promote learning. A portage worker will visit once a week during term time to plan a teaching programme, for parents/carers to complete each day with their child.

Reviews of the child’s progress will take place every three months. Portage is usually received up to the age of 2 ½ years of age, as after this age an early years setting should be put in place.

This service is usually offered to babies and very young children, who live in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. It is primarily for those who are not offered any other day provision and have a referral from the Health Service.

For more information contact the Special Educational Needs Department on 020 7361 3000

Education Psychology Consultation Service (EPCS) (0-19) RBKC

The EPCS works directly with schools, families, professionals and the Local Authority to encourage the development, participation and learning of children and young people.

Educational Psychologists will assess how best to help your child through observing and working with them at home and school. They will meet with you, with teachers and other professionals involved with your child.

They will then plan a programme of support for your child. This programme of support may include:

  • special training for your child’s teachers
  • extra help with literacy
  • classes to improve language skills
  • helping your child to make friends and improve their social skills.

The plan is reviewed by both you, the school and the educational psychologist to make sure your child’s needs are being met.

Usually, the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) at the school will contact an educational psychologist after deciding that your child might benefit from their help. The school would then contact you to ask for your permission to provide this specialist support and ask your views on what you think will help your child.

If you think your child needs help but you have not been contacted by the school then you should speak to your child’s teacher or the SENCo at the school.


The Town Hall,
Hornton Street,
W8 7NX
Tel: 0207 361 3000

ASSET (National Organisation)

ASSET is a small independent charity which provides information and advice about education to parents/carers of children with special educational needs (SEN) who live in England. Unfortunately, due to limited resources this is purely a web based only service.

Why was ASSET formed?
To provide parents of children with special educational needs with a website offering a comprehensive guide to the ‘SEN maze’, including the appeal process. This includes the background to:

  • the statutory assessment process
  • the statementing process
  • the importance of annual reviews
  • the decision-making process of the Local Authority
  • the appeal process


Asset also provides a training service to help organisations, charities, schools, Parent Partnership Services be up to date on the following:

  • All of the above processes.
  • Transition planning (Primary to Secondary)
  • Transition planning (Post 16)
  • Engaging with the Local Authority


All trustees and advisors have had experience of the SEN system either as parents of children with SEN or as long term advisors to parents of children with SEN.


IPSEA (National)

IPSEA is a national charity providing legally based independent advice to families who have children with special educational needs. All advice is given by trained volunteers.

General Advice Line

The General Advice Line can help deal with problems with schools, requesting statutory assessment, proposed statements, annual reviews, possible disability discrimination and exclusions from school. Tel: 0800 018 4016

Tribunal Help Line

The Tribunal Help Line offers next-step advice on SEN appeals and disability discrimination claims to the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal. When you call they will assess whether you need casework support. Tel: 0845 602 9579

Coram Children’s Legal Centre

The Coram Children’s Legal Centre provides free legal information, advice and representation to children, young people, their families, carers and professionals as well as training and consultancy on child law and children’s rights. You can visit their website at:


Education Rights Service (National Autistic Society) (National Organisation)

Education Rights Service

The Education Rights Service provides impartial, confidential information, advice and support on education rights and entitlements for parents and carers of pre-school and school-age children with autism to help them get the educational support their child needs.

This telephone service also offers specific telephone support and advice to those preparing for tribunal. The Helpline is: 0808 800 4102