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Hospital, Nursing & Health Part 1

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In order to access most services within the hospital other than emergency care you need to be referred by a health professional like a GP or health specialist like a neurologist or paediatrician. The following are details about the three main hospitals closest to RBKC.

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital (RBKC, LBHF, WCC)

Paediatric Emergency Department : Chelsea and Westminster provides a dedicated children’s emergency care department that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is one of the largest and most long established units of its kind in the capital.

Full of Life · A self-help group managed by parents of children with disabilities

For more information about the services offered at Chelsea Westminster Hospital click here.

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

369 Fulham Road

London SW10 9NH

020 8746 8000


St Mary’s Hospital (RBKC, LBHF, WCC)

For more information on all the services with a list of contacts to each department click here

St Mary’s Hospital

Praed Street, London W2 1NY

Tel: 020 3312 6666


Hammersmith Hospital

For more information on all the services with a list of contacts to each department click here

Hammersmith Hospital

Du Cane Road

London W12 0HS

Telephone: 020 3313 1000

Dental Services

Colville Health Centre (0-18) RBKC

Parents have a real concern about how they can maintain their child’s oral health to prevent fillings and extractions, which usually ends up with a visit to the hospital and a procedure under general anaesthetic. The Colville Health Centre has links with the Paediatric Dentistry Department at Chelsea Westminster Hospital for dental treatment under General Analgesia. The service sees children up to the age of 18 and you can be referred into the service by Specialist Practitioners, GPs, General Dental Practitioners Health Visitors, Community Nurses, School Nurses, Social workers and your schools SENCO. This service is also wheelchair accessible.

Colville Health Centre

51 Kensington Park Road

London W11 1PA

Telephone 020 7221 2650


Full of Life · A self-help group managed by parents of children with disabilities

Violet Melchett Clinic (0-18) RBKC

All the staff employed are highly experienced in delivering all aspects of dental care to special needs patients and those referred to their specialised services. Patients can be referred by their dentist, GP and other healthcare professionals. Patients are unable to self-refer to this service.

Violet Melchett Clinic

30 Flood Walk



Phone: 020 7349 2800

Dental Clinic, St Charles (18+) RBKC

The service is available for adults with disabilities. The staff are fantastic, patient, and take their time. They have practical expertise working with disabled adults who have complex needs or who are very anxious. This service helps to keep teeth and gums healthy, hopefully preventing hospital admissions for extractions and fillings. It can also allow adults with complex needs to become confident in accessing a dentistry service.

You can be referred by your Dentist or GP into the service.

Dental Clinic,

St Charles Hospital,

Exmoor Street,


W10 6DZ.

Tel: 0208 962 4471.

Seeability Opticians (16plus) (National)

SeeAbility is an organisation that supports adults who are visually impaired with multiple disabilities including learning, physical and mental health disabilities, acquired brain injuries and degenerative conditions, to explore their potential.

Their Eye 2 Eye campaign aims to improve eye care for people with learning disabilities, as they are 10 times more likely to have serious sight problems. SeeAbility has sought to remedy this issue by developing resources for people with learning disabilities and encouraging opticians/optometrists to make eye care services more accessible and effective. To access Seeability's information resources e please Click here

Opticians/Optometrists in the UK who have signed up to the SeeAbility campaign have made a promise to be accessible to people with learning disabilities, and you can find your local optician/optometrist via their online database. To access the online database please Click here. It is recommended to have an eye test at least every 2 years, and these eye tests are available for free on the NHS if you have a learning disability.

For more information contact SeeAbility directly on 01372 755066.

The Children's Community Nursing Service 0-18 (RBKC, LBHF, WCC)

The Children’s Community Nursing Service encompasses the Children’s Community Nursing Teams for Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea, Hammersmith and Fulham, the Kaleidoscope Team (providing palliative care and support), the Home Care Support Team, (providing respite care in the home for children with complex needs), the Community Play service and the Kaleidoscope Bereavement Play Service.

The Children’s Community Nursing Service meets the needs of ill or disabled children in a community setting.

These include

  • children with acute and short term conditions
  • children with long term conditions
  • children with disabilities and long term conditions, including continuing care and neonates
  • children with life-limiting and life-threatening illness, including palliative and end of life care.

The service is currently based at two sites, with the Children’s Community Nurses based at Woodfield Road Health Centre and the Kaleidoscope Team, Home Care Support Team and Play Specialists based at Worlds End Health Centre.

Children can be referred by their GP, health visitor, school and other healthcare professional.

Full of Life · A self-help group managed by parents of children with disabilities


Children’s Community Nursing Service

The Medical Centre
7E Woodfield Road
W9 3XZ

Phone: 020 7266 8840

Kaleidoscope Team, Home Care Support Team and Play Specialists

Worlds End Health Centre,
529 Kings Road,
London SW10 0UD

Tel: 020 7266 8845